Where to get your Covid PCR or Antigen test to fly back home? 

Antigen test price ranges from 30,000-50,000 colones, about $50-$85
and although it is accepted by the US airlines, it should not be used by
those over 65 years old, because it’s not as accurate as the PCR test.
Prices in the Jaco area are about $130….

4 Choices now!
1. Rush Clinic in IL Galeone building,
2. MMI by 4020-2200 
 Los Sueños 2637-8610
or from our bilingual friend Freddy: 
or now a 3rd choice some friends have used:   

   Jaco Beach Real Estate
Welcome to tips on how to enjoy Costa Rica, especially during an epidemic, wherever you are. Since our area is the Central Pacific, Jaco beach-Playa Hermosa and Los Sueños areas:
 Things to do in your spare time? 1. Look for a copy OR go online for 2 Central Pacific Jaco news-ad mags: the newest one is: and the other one we love, made in Jaco .  (Irregular publications during the days of Covid!)2.  Very Important: Get a copy of  your passport’s photo & info page at any of Jaco’s local copy stores (libreria’s) in Jaco,  our favorite is in Jaco Walk, in front of Banco Bac. 

3.  Walk on the beach, both north end and south end are the best. Check out low tides!!!

4.  North end of Jaco at low tide enables you to visit Monkey Beach or on Jaco’s south           end, learn to Surf or paddle board. 5.      Watch the Sunset from Villa Caletas  6.      Visit the Turtle Reserve in Playa Hermosa7.      Check out the tide pools north end of Playa Hermosa8.      Zipline in any one of the 5 local area companies9.      Waterfall repelling10.   Horseback riding11.   Visit and hire guide for Carara National Park, short trails-lots of birds12.   Visit the snake-monkey-butterfly farm in Pueblo Nuevo13.   Take a visit to a tropical island, Isla Tortuga, combined with snorkeling14.   Take a trip to Manuel Antonio15.   Go fishing from the Los Suenos Marina, full or half days.16.   Play golf at the Los Suenos 18 hole Iguana Golf Course17.   Take the kids to Jaco’s Central Park, Johannes Danker18.   Take the kids to the Jaco Public Library-Skate board park19.   Go to Jaco’s Air-Conditioned movie theatre (4plex)20.   Go on a hike to Miro’s ocean view ruins up from the gas station  21.   Get a real massage22.   Get your teeth cleaned from a great dentist in Jaco.23.   Rent an all terrain vehicle24.   Visit waterfalls in Bijagual or Ocean Ranch Park, or the secret one down Calle Hermosa!25.   Take a yoga class, there are many all over the Central Pacific!.26.   Visit a Gym and work-out27.   Eat-Shop-Eat-Shop28.   Watch Jaco’s very interesting parade of characters and tourists, from the sidewalk in front of the new Public House (former owner Los Amigos),  Mono Verde, or at our two favorite Gelateria/Ice Cream Parlors: El Barco or Rebelissimo! 

 29.   Walk around the Los Sueños Marina, checking out the views, the incredible fishing boats and yachts, visit great restaurants and one of Costa Rica’s finest bakeries! 30.  Walk around Jaco and take pictures of all the incredible Artify wall murals!  31.  Check out the weekend events at Jaco Walk, formerly offering happy hour specials, live music, and outdoor activities. 32.  Ask questions to an attorney regarding your future in Costa Rica!33.  Speak to a Costa Rica real estate expert like Jeff Fisher at CR Beach Investment Real Estate, because after 26 years of living here, he is famous for brutally honest advice. Bookmark this website:   9 TIPS ON HOW TO TRAVEL WITH YOUR CHILDREN INTERNATIONALLY!By A.M. Costa Rica staff, Dec. 10, 2018, travel for the holidays to spend time with family and friends, many with children. Of those travelers who responded to a recent Travel Leaders Group Travel Trends survey, 61 percent say they will fly to their holiday vacation destination in the coming weeks and 38 percent will drive. When traveling with children, there are a variety of tips that will help smooth the journey, say expert travel advisors at Travel Leaders – one of North America’s largest retail travel agency brands with thousands of travel agents across the United States, Canada and Mexico. “Domestic and international air travel with children has grown substantially over the past few decades,” said Roger E. Block, CTC, President of Travel Leaders Network. “Fortunately, advances in technology, including tablets and mobile phones, are providing greater entertainment options for kids, while on the road.  Our travel advisors spend a significant amount of time advising parents on how to integrate entertainment and activity options and many other tips to travel better with their children to ensure a stress-free and enjoyable vacation.”9 easy-to-follow tips that will help vacationers travel better this holiday season when children are along for the journey.
Pack with a plan: Overhead space will be at a premium during the holiday travel season, especially as people bring gifts for friends and family or return home with presents they’ve received for their children. So, when preparing to pack your bags, it’s crucial to check in advance whether your luggage meets the airline’s size and weight restrictions for checked baggage and carry-ons, as well as to remember to save space for the extra items that will come home with you.Children’s liquids are an exception to the 3-ounce rule:
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) allows each passenger one quart-size bag of liquids and gels, including toothpaste, gel deodorant, and lotions. Each item must be 3.4 ounces or less, with medications and certain items for children being the exception. Infant formula, breast milk and juices for infants or toddlers, as well as ice packs to keep them cool, are permitted in higher, yet reasonable quantities through the security checkpoint. However, keep them separate from the items in your one-quart bag. Label medications and carry a copy of the prescription.Bring multiple copies of important travel documents:
It’s a good idea to have color photocopies and digital copies of all important identification documents, including your passport, front and back of credit cards and health insurance information for you and the children. If you’re traveling internationally, consider bringing a copy of your child’s immunizations. Also have extra ID photos cropped to passport size in case you have to order a replacement at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate. Also pack all paper copies or flash drives in a separate location for extra safe-keeping.TSA PreCheck is free for children 12 and younger:
When traveling having expedited clearance such as TSA PreCheck or Global Entry usually means you can skip the long lines at security checkpoints and not have to remove outer layers of clothing. Although Children ages 12 and under never have to remove their shoes or lightweight jackets, they also do not need their own TSA Precheck boarding pass since they can go through the TSA Precheck checkpoint with any qualifying adult with whom they are traveling. If traveling internationally, children under 18 do need to apply for their own Global Entry or Nexus status with a consenting parent or legal guardian.Ease flight wait times:
Dress young children in comfortable clothing, even consider footie pajamas and no shoes. If your child is young enough, give your child a ride to the checkpoint and gate in a stroller. Though they will have to walk through or be carried through security, the stroller ride there helps to keep them in tow, and your stress low. You’ll also save money as you can check the stroller or car seat at the gate, often bypassing the fees you’d pay at the ticket counter.Work with a travel advisor if planning to visit a theme park:
Winter, especially the days surrounding Christmas week, is a busy time to visit any park. Bear in mind that lines are shorter first thing in the morning or late at night.Hit the high seas for family adventure:
A cruise is a great way to vacation with family and friends without the stress of holiday meal prep, clean up and entertaining.  To feel relaxed without overexerting yourself, skip an excursion at a port or two.  If you take time to enjoy the ship while fewer people are onboard, you will avoid some of the hustle and bustle. When you do take a shore excursion, consider opting for the children to stay with the childcare service for one of your experiences. But don’t leave the children out of all excursions. They will also enjoy the adventure and culture of other lands and the bonding time with Mom or Dad.Relax at an all-inclusive resort:
Escaping the cold weather by traveling with the family to someplace warm and tropical can be a relaxing way to spend the holidays, especially when it is spent at a family-friendly, all-inclusive resort. Whether you land, the convenience and value that comes without always pulling out your wallet can make winter travel less stressful.  There are many excellent choices and a travel advisor can help you select the one that best suits your family, such as ones that offer features ranging from kids’ clubs, water parks and family-themed entertainment to spas for the adults.Road Trips with Kids:
Long road trips with children allow for many options, as well as the ubiquitous “Are we there yet?” refrain. Pack a kiddie bag that can stay within arms reach of young children who may want to grab their favorite book, electronic device, sippy cup or snack pack. Remember to also pack wet wipes and paper towels for easy clean up. Play music over the car radio that the child can enjoy as a family sing-along in addition to an option of personal music time with their own headphones or video player. Children also love the attention if a parent climbs into the back seat with them occasionally, if space allows. I Spy and tic tac toe are classic games children will enjoy. Finally, be sure to build in time to take breaks to enjoy scenic overlooks or small towns or other attractions you may pass along the way. 
  Tourism Doesn’t Come Cheap but Costa Rica Comes Awfully Close! 

 DUE TO COVID-19 MANY EVENTS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED!So there you are: vacationing in Costa Rica — ONE of, if not THE most bio-diverse location on Earth and home to panoramic beaches, rainforests and waterfalls, not to mention a seemingly endless variety  of flora and fauna and you’re looking for things to do in Costa Rica that are FREE?Sure thing! Excluding the obvious free activities like hiking, walking on the beach and sunbathing, there ARE free things to do in Costa Rica. It depends on where you go and at what time of the year and above all HOW you want to spend your time. Having established that, here are some free things to do in Costa Rica.I. Festivals:   DUE TO COVID-19 MANY EVENTS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED!
Let it not be said that in Costa Rica the locals don’t know how to party! Every month during the year there is at least one festival being held and like all great festivals they are FREE! Within the context of the festival you’re going to have to pay for food and drink – but the music, dancing and fireworks that are invariably a big part of every festival in Costa Rica is free-of-charge. And as we all know — FREE is a good thing. Here are some noteworthy free festivals held throughout the year. Take your pick and schedule your vacation accordingly:JANUARY:
– Palmares Civic Fiestas – Lots of culture here: folk dances, music, amusements and bullfighting.- Alajuelita Fiestas – Honoring the Black Christ of Esquipulas, Alajuelita’s Patron Saint..- Santa Cruz Fiestas – dancing, marimbas and bullfighting.FEBRUARY:
– San Isidro del General Fiestas – annual agricultural and industrial fairs with bullfights and a flower exhibition.
– Fiesta of the Diablitos – annual recreation of the fight between Indians and the Spanish.- Puntarenas Carnival – Masks, music and plenty of sangria.MARCH:
– Escazu – Dia de los Boyeros (Oxcart Driver’s Day) – parade of oxcarts and the blessing of the animals and crops by local priests. Not to be missed – especially if you’re a farmer.- National Orchid Show – more flowers than you can shake a stick at.APRIL:
– Holy Week – processions galore in all parts of country.- Juan Santamaría Day – Commemorating Costa Rica’s national hero — a simple barefoot soldier who gave his life in the battle against William Walker’s troops in 1856.MAY:
– Puerto Limon – picnics, music and dancing. What more is there to life?- Escazu – San Isidro Labrador’s Day – another celebration honouring the Patron Saint of farmers- Corpus Christi Day – May 29 – Religious celebration.JUNE:
– Saints Peter & Paul Day – June 29 – More religion!JULY:
– Puntarenas – Virgin of The Sea – fishing boat regatta which honors Puntarenas’ Patron Saint, La Virgen del Monte Carmelo. Plenty of parades, dances and fireworks.- Guanacaste Day – you guessed it: folk dances, bullfights, and music.- Alajuela – Los Mangos FestivalAUGUST:
– Cartago – Virgin of Los Angeles – Honors Costa Rica’s Patron Saint , “La Negrita” with nationwide
pilgrimage and religious processions to the Basilica in Cartago.SEPTEMBER:
Costa Rica’s Independence Day is September 15th: witness the Freedom Torch as it is brought from Nicaragua by student relay runners the day before. Thrill to local “lantern parades” where kids carry home-made “faroles”.OCTOBER:
– Puerto Limon – Limon Carnival – Columbus Day is celebrated in style in the port city with week-long street dances, parades and music.
– Upala Corn Festival, Corn Queen contest.- Tres Rios Virgen del Pilar’s Day – celebrating yet another Patron Saint with parades and costumes made entirely of corn husks, grain, and silks.NOVEMBER:
– All Souls day – Nov 2 – Day of the Dead.- Central Valley Coffee picking contest, music and dancing CANCELLED- International Arts Festival, plays, street theatre and other entertainment. MAINLY ONLINE!~DECEMBER: DUE TO COVID-19 MANY EVENTS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED!
– Fiesta de los Negritos – very big event held in the Indian village of Boruca, and ancient Indian ritual is combined with honoring the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception.- Nicoya Fiesta de la Yeguita – Processions, bullfights, fireworks, concerts.- Festejos Populares (Year-end Festivals) – Dec 25-31- Tope – Annual horse parade. Careful where you step!- Carnival – Head to downtown San Jose for the biggest block party of the year!
 II. Free Museums– The Museo de Oro Precolombino (Museum of Precolumbian gold) is located under the Plaza de la
Cultura in downtown San Jose. This impressive underground building houses the exhibit that creates a mysterious and dark background for the gleaming beauty of the golden pieces, which seem to float because they’re suspended by transparent strings.The Museo de Moneda, or the Coin Museum, is located in the
same building, and its exhibit includes information on coins, as well as interesting samples. And it’s FREE.- The Museo de Jade, or the Jade Museum.o Lcated in the INS building in downtown (in the National Insurance building. The exhibit in this museum is the largest American jade collection in the world. The collection is extremely valuable because of the rarity of the mineral and of the religious and historical significance that it has for the Indian population and for the Costa Ricans in general. Like the golden pieces, the jade artifacts also depict animal shapes.- The Museo de Ciencias Naturales La Salle (Natural science) and the small Entomology Museum in the University of Costa Rica. The first museum is located in La Sabana and presents a taxidermy collection of various animals and a preserved fish and reptile exhibit. The small university museum houses a large collection of insects of Central and South America, including beautiful butterflies. 
 III. Free Markets The most popular market in Costa Rica is Mercado Central (Market Central) and has to be seen to be believed. A variety of craft work , leatherwork and crafts not to mention some of the cheapest meals in San Jose town. Come to think of it, almost every town of any size in Costa Rica has a mercado central, where
in addition to produce, fruits and meat, there are booths selling everyday items.
 IV. Other Free activitiesThe Hummingbird gallery:
Next to the Monteverde Reserve entrance. Feeders outside attract dozens of hummingbirds representing about 7 species. 
 V. Art & Artisans
Traditional Costa Rican artisans in Guaitíl hand throw Chorotega pottery while you watch, and the wood carvers of Sarchí transform rainforest hardwoods into every imaginable shape. Drums, baskets, textiles, and pre-Columbian reproductions are just a few of the things you’ll want to take home with you. 
 VI. Bird Watching
Botaurus pinnatus, Tigrisoma fasciatum, Tigrisoma mexicanum, Egretta thula, Egretta caerulea, Agamia agami, Cochlearius cochlearius- and that’s just the most common Aredeidae. Avid birders know that Costa Rica is one of the top spots in the world, but you don’t have to spend hours with binoculars glued to your
eyes to see fascinating bird life in Costa Rica. Buy an Hermosa Beach Bungalow, and see hundreds of birds from your patio.
 VII. Waterfalls & River HikingThe number of spectacular waterfalls in Costa Rica reflects rainfall averages of over 20 feet a year and the sheer drops of some of the mountain ranges. Some are visible from paved roads as you travel from place to place, but others require significant effort to reach. The surest way to find a falls with a deserted swimming hole at the bottom is to start walking upstream.So there you have it: some truly fun things to do that are free! You’re no doubt going to discover many more free things to do and see once you set foot in beautiful Costa Rica. Follow your instincts and not your pocket book and you’ll come up with your own list of free activities in Costa Rica!