To greatly enhance your time in Costa Rica, we strongly suggest learning these words. The Costa Ricans will be even more super friendly and more “discount” agreeable when they know that you are at least trying to speak “Español.”

You already know a whole bunch of words in spanish, so use those words as guides to pronounce the vowels: (“a” is always like in taco; “i” always like in si’; “o” always like in no; “e” always like in day; “u” always like in burrito or boo!
You have no excuse, its a helluva lot easier than English!

And no, adding “O’s” after English words does not help the Ticos to understand you any better. Neither does raising your voice and gestering wildly proclaiming, “why don’t you speak American?” (yes I actually have heard this, twice!).
An easy way to learn Spanish is either with Rosetta Stone, Duo Lingo; or google it….

One more thought: The use of the term “Gringo” is not negative as in other latin countries, its just a descriptive term, like gordo-fat, flaca-skinny, etc…

Have fun!
To learn Spanish for Costa Rica, we suggest you study diligently the words below.

Costa Rica – co-sta-ree-ca–Please pronounce the name of this country correctly. The “O” in spanish is ALWAYS “oh”. And who lives in Costa Rica? Ticos=males and Ticas=females, Gringos, Gringas, Chinos, Chinas, Latinos, Latinas, etc…..

¡Buenas! – bwe-nas – The simple, buenas is a standard greeting, and may be used morning, noon, or night, on the street, entering a store, everywhere. The “A” in Spanish is ALWAYS pronounced like the “A” in mama.

¿Hola, Cómo Está? – o la, co mo eh sta? -Hi or hello, how are you?

¿Muy bien, Gracias, y usted? mooee bee “n” , gra si ahs, ee oos-ted or ee two? – I’m fine thanks, and you? The ee two is for previously known people, or much younger than you.

¿Cuánto vale? – kwan-to val-eh – How much does it cost? In Mexico, and sometimes here, “cuanto cuesta”

¿Tiene cuartos? – T’yen-neh kwar-toes – Do you have any hotel rooms?

¿CUÁNTO? – kwan toe – How much? (Look as shocked as possible when hearing the answer!)

Pura Vida – Poo-ra Vee-da – this is the super famous Costa Rican phrase, and the answer to almost any question or comment. Usually as a greeting or replying to , “como esta” (how are you?)

CERVEZA cer-vey-sa is more commonly used by Costa Ricans, and hooray Jaco has lots of places to try Costa Rican excellent “micro brews” and we even have our own Micro brewery called “Puddlefish”, with great beers and excellent food. (Most Gringos order Imperial their first trip before trying the more “sophisticated” & expensive Bavaria –gold, light or dark, Another popular local beer is Pilsen or Bohemia and lately lots of European imports ). Ba-va-ree-a por fah-vor – I’d like a ……… please.

Taxi – Taxi Look for the officially licensed ones with meters called “maria” And know that its ok to ask to if they have a meter, Say “tiene maria?” when entering a cab. Tea n nay Ma ree a…..

¿Dónde está el banco? – Don-day es-tah el ban-co – Where is the bank? (don’t faint when you see the lines on payday at national banks. Go to the many private banks that exist.)
¿Dónde puedo cambiar plata? – Don-day pweh-do cam-bee-ar pla-ta – Where can I change money? (YOU MUST BRING YOUR PASSPORT TO CHANGE EVEN $20 AND OF COURSE BANKS PAY THE HIGHEST RATE!)

¿Dónde puedo comprar….? – Don-day pweh-do com-prar – Where can I buy….?

Si, yo quiero comprar una Hermosa bungalo de Jeff de CR beach. – See, joe kee yay ro com-prar oona Hermosa Bungalow de Jeff de CR Beach – Yes, I want to buy an Hermosa bungalow from Jeff of CR beach!

¿El menú, por favor? – el may new, por fa-vor – Menu, please?

¿La cuenta, por favor? – la kwen-ta por fa-vor – Check, please? (followed by funny hand scribbling movement!)

¿El bano, por favor? – el ban-yo por fa-vor – Bathroom please ALSO: Ser VEE cios Por fa vor

¡No molesta me! – no may mo-les-ta – Don’t bother me! Also “Sale” sa lay sa lay

¡Qué linda! – kay leen da – how pretty!

Está bien. – ess-ta byen – It’s fine or it’s ok

Hasta Luego. – ahs-ta luway-go – See you later. (used much more than adios)

Ciao or Chao. – Chow- Bye (lately more popular than hasta luego)

Con Mucho Gusto! – Con moo-cho goo-sto – My pleasure. (used instead of your welcome)

Que dicha! or Ay, que dicha! – eye, kay deecha- That’s great. (Effective with sarcasm!)

Drivers: please remember that traffic signs that read before a bridge “Ceda” means “yield right of way” –you have to stop! Also one cool thing here is the blinking of the brights to signal traffic cop or caution ahead.

Pedestrians BE CAREFUL: please remember to look both ways, because unlike many places in the States, YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS here!!!

For Cellular phone users: Messages like “su llamada no se puede ser tramitada en esto momento” (your call cannot be completed at this time) are frequent. Placing a call to a known number sometimes obtains the message “el numero marcado no corresponde a ningun de nuestros clientes” (the number called does not correspond to any one of our subscribers) is another frequent message received by callers.
The messages are produced when the cellular phone being called is within an area that is not functioning or has poor coverage.

Click on the Spanish words in blue to hear them spoken.

A — always pronounced ah, as in mama
E — always pronounced as a long A as in “play” or Chile (CHI lay)
I –always pronounced ee, as in feet, bee

O –always pronounced as oh. Its CO sta Rica, never
ever Casta Rica,
U –always pronounced oo, as in too, pool.

B –Similar to the English ‘b’ but less between vowels it is pronounced very softly so that the lips touch only slightly.
C –As in English, before a, o and u it is pronounced as a K, as in can Costa Rica
Before e or i the c is pronounced as an s as in cent.

CC — Pronounced very similar to the cc in accident

D — Similar to the English ‘d’ in ‘bed’

G — Before A, O or U it is pronounced as the G in get
— Before E or I it is pronounced like the English H but more emphatic.

H — Always silent in Spanish. Hotel is pronounced otel

J Always pronounced like the English H but more emphatic

LL Always pronounced like J in Joe (Spanish example: yo )

ñ — This Spanish character is pronounced NY as in canyon

R — Slightly trilled
When it is the first letter of a word it is strongly trilled.

RR — Always strongly trilled except in Costa Rica

V –In Spain and many parts of South America there is no difference between the ‘v’ and the ‘b’

Y -pronounced as the English Y except when it stands alone (y is Spanish for and) then it is pronounced ee as in tree

Z — In South America the ‘z’ is pronounced as the English S; in

QUE — pronounced kay

QUI –pronounced kee as in keep
GUE — pronounced ge as in guest, and get

GUI — pronounced gee as in geese
GUA– guacamole, anyone? (sometimes soft g, like wuacamole…

The remaining letters are pronounced as they are in English with only very slight variations.

Helpful Words and Phrases

I’d like to introduce you to Mr. Vargas. Quisiera presentarle al señor Vargas. kee-SYEH-rah preh-sehn-TAHR-leh ahl seh-NYOHR VAHR-gahs
Pleased to meet you. Encantado. ehn-kahn-TAH-doh
A pleasure. Mucho gusto. MOO-choh GOOS-toh
I am Ramon Diaz.

Soy Ramon Díaz. soy Ramon Díaz
This is my wife. Es mi esposa. ehs mee ehs-POH-sah
·colleague. ·colega. ·koh-LEH-gah
How are you? Cómo está usted? KOH-moh ehs-TAH oos-TEHD?
Fine, thanks. And you? Bien, gracias. Y usted? BYEHN, GRAH-syahs. Ee oo-TEHD?
Where do you live? Dónde vive? DOHN-deh VEE-veh?
I live in the United States. Vivo en los Estados Unidos. VEE-voh ehn lohs ehs-TAH-dohs oo-NEE-dohs

It’s so good to see you. Un gusto verle. oon GOOS-toh VEHR-leh
Would you like a drink? Le gustaría una bebida? leh goos-tah-REE-ah OO-nah beh-BEE-dah?
With pleasure. Con gusto. kohn GOOS-toh
Cheers! ¡Salud! sah-LOOD!

Gladly. Con mucho gusto. kohn MOO-choh GOOS-toh

Do you speak English? Habla usted inglés? AH-blah oos-TEHD en-gles?

I speak a little Spanish.
Hablo un poco de español.

 AH-bloh oon POH-koh deh ehs-pah-NYOHL

Can you understand me? Me comprende? meh kohm-PREHN-deh?
Please repeat that. Puede repetir eso? PWE-deh rreh-peh-teer EH-soh?
Can you write that? Me lo escribe? meh loh ehs-KREE-beh?
How do you say…..in Spanish? Cómo se dice…..en español?
KOH-moh seh DEE-seh…..ehn ehs-pah-NYOHL?

Could you translate this? Puede traducir esto? PWEH-deh trah-doo-SEER EHS-toh?Numbers
0 zero cero
1 one uno (m), una (f)
2 two dos
3 three tres
4 four cuatro
5 five cinco
6 six seis
7 seven siete
8 eight ocho
9 nine nueve
10 ten diez
11 eleven once
12 twelve doce
13 thirteen trece
14 fourteen catorce
15 fifteen quince
16 sixteen dieciséis
17 seventeen diecisiete
18 eighteen dieciocho
19 nineteen diecinueve
20 twenty veinte
21 twenty-one veintiuno
22 twenty-two veintidós
30 thirty treinta
31 thirty-one treinta y uno
40 forty cuarenta
50 fifty cincuenta
60 sixty sesenta
70 seventy setenta
80 eighty ochenta
90 ninety noventa
100 one hundred cien
101 one hundred and one ciento uno
200 two hundred doscientos
300 three hundred trescientos
400 four hundred cuatrocientos
500 five hundred quinientos
600 six hundred seiscientos
700 seven hundred setecientos
800 eight hundred ochocientos
900 nine hundred novecientos
1,000 one thousand mil
2,000 two thousand dos mil
1,000,000 one million un millón
2,000,000 two million dos millones

Days of the Week
Monday lunes
Tuesday martes
Wednesday miércoles
Thursday jueves
Friday viernes
Saturday sábado
Sunday domingo
Spanish Days of the Week Flash Cards (requires a Java enabled browser)

January enero
February febrero
March marzo
April abril
May mayo
June junio
July julio
August agosto
September septiembre
October octubre
November noviembre
December diciembre
Spanish Months Flash Cards (requires a Java enabled browser)

napkin servilleta
fork tenedor
spoon cuchara
knife cuchillo
plate plato
water agua
bread pan
butter mantequilla
tea té
coffee café
salt sal
pepper pimienta
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black negro
blue azul
brown marrón, café
green verde
grey gris
orange naranja, anaranjado
pink rosado
purple violeta, morado
red rojo
white blanco
yellow amarillo
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husband esposo, marido
wife esposa
children niños
son hijo
daughter hija
father padre, papá (informal)
mother madre, mamá (informal)
brother hermano
sister hermana
grandfather abuelo
grandmother abuela
uncle tío
aunt tía
nephew sobrino
niece sobrina
cousin primo (m), prima (f)
brother-in-law cuñado
sister-in-law cuñada
father-in-law suegro
mother-in-law suegra
son-in-law yerno
daughter-in-law nuera
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left Izquierda
right Derecha
far Lejos
near Cerca
street Calle
avenue Avenida
north Norte
south Sur
east Este
west Oeste

The Guide to Costa Rican Spanish by Christopher Howard M.A.

Words That Don’t Need Translating
There are literally thousands of Spanish words that are easy to understand for English speakers. All you have to do is concentrate on the English within these words and pronounce them with a Spanish accent.

Easy Words:

banana – banana

chocolate – chocolate

color – color

doctor – doctor

hotel – hotel

idea – idea

natural – natural

radio – radio

taxi – taxi

diccionario – dictionary

dieta – diet

moderno – modern

música – music

béisbol – baseball

café – coffee, cafe

comercial – commercial

especial – special

estúpido – stupid

familia – family

fotografía – photography

limón – lemon

minuto – minute

nervioso – nervous

noviembre – November

operación – operation

Refrigerador(a) – refrigerator

teléfono – telephone

vaccación – vacation

¡Buenos días!
bway-nohs dee-ahs
Hello! / Good morning! ¡Buenas tardes!
bway-nahs tard-ays
Good afternoon! ¡Buenas noches!
bway-nahs noh-chays
Good evening! / Good night!
¡Hola! / ¡Chao!
oh-lah / chow
Hi! / Bye! Adiós.
Good bye. Por favor.
por fah-bor
Hasta luego.
ah-stah loo-ay-go
See you later. Hasta pronto.
ah-stah prohn-toh
See you soon. Hasta mañana.
ah-stah mahn-yahn-ah
See you tomorrow.
(Muchas) Gracias.
(moo-chahs) grah-see-ahs
Thank you (very much). De nada.
day nah-dah
You’re welcome. Bienvenidos
Lo siento
loh see-ehn-toh
I’m sorry Con permiso / Perdón
kohn pehr-mee-soh / pehr-dohn
Excuse me / Pardon ¡Vamos!
Let’s go!
¿Cómo está usted?
koh-moh ay-stah oo-sted
How are you? (formal) ¿Cómo estás?
koh-moh ay-stahs
How are you? (informal) ¿Qué tal?
kay tahl
How’s it going?
Bien / Muy bien
bee-ehn / moy bee-ehn
Good / Very good Mal / Muy mal / Más o menos
mahl / moy mahl / mahs oh may-nohs
Bad / Very bad / OK Sí / No
see / noh
Yes / No
¿Cómo se llama usted?
koh-moh say yah-mah oo-sted
What is your name? (formal) ¿Cómo te llamas?
koh-moh tay yah-mahs
What is your name? (informal) Me llamo…
may yah-moh
My name is…
Mucho gusto. / Encantado.
moo-choh goo-stoh / en-cahn-tah-doh
Nice to meet you. Igualmente.
Same here. Señor / Señora / Señorita
sayn-yor / sayn-yor-ah / sayn-yor-ee-tah
Mister / Mrs. / Miss
¿De dónde es usted?
day dohn-day ehs oo-sted
Where are you from? (formal) ¿De dónde eres?
day dohn-day eh-rehs
Where are you from? (informal) Yo soy de…
yoh soy day
I’m from…
¿Cuántos años tiene usted?
quahn-tohs ahn-yohs tee-ay-nay oo-sted
How old are you? (formal) ¿Cuántos años tienes?
quahn-tohs ahn-yohs tee-ayn-ays
How old are you? (informal) Yo tengo _ años. yoh tayn-goh ahn-yohs
I am __
years old.
¿Habla usted español?
ah-blah oo-sted eh-spahn-yol
Do you speak Spanish? (formal) ¿Hablas ingles?
ah-blahs een-glehs
Do you speak English? (informal) (No) Hablo…
noh ah-bloh
I (don’t) speak…
¿Entiende usted? / ¿Entiendes?
ehn-tyen-deh oo-sted / ehn-tyen-dehs
Do you understand? (formal / informal) (No) Entiendo.
noh ehn-tyen-doh
I (don’t) understand. Yo (no lo) se.
yoh noh loh seh
I (don’t) know.
¿Puede ayudarme?
pweh-deh ah-yoo-dar-meh
Can you help me?
Claro que sí
klah-roh keh see
Of course

What? Pardon me?
¿Dónde está / Dónde están… ?
dohn-deh eh-stah / dohn-deh eh-stahn
Where is … / Where are … ? Aquí
Here. Hay / Había…
eye / ah-bee-ah
There is / are… / There was / were…
Cómo se dice _ en español? koh-moh seh dee-ceh on eh-spahn-yol
How do you say __ in Spanish? Qué es esto?
keh ehs ehs-toh
What is that?
¿Qué te pasa?
keh teh pah-sah
What’s the matter (with you)?

No importa.
noh eem-por-tah
It doesn’t matter. Qué pasa?
keh pah-sah
What’s happening? No tengo ninguna idea.
noh tehn-goh neen-goo-nah ee-deh-ah
I have no idea.
Estoy cansado / enfermo.
eh-stoy kahn-sah-doh / ehn-fehr-moh
I’m tired / sick. Tengo hambre / sed.
tehn-goh ahm-breh / sed
I’m hungry / thirsty. Tengo calor / frío.
tehn-goh kah-lohr / free-oh
I’m hot / cold.
Estoy aburrido.
eh-stoy ah-boo-ree-doh
I’m bored. No me importa.
noh meh eem-por-tah
I don’t care. No se preocupe.
noh seh preh-oh-koo-peh
Don’t worry
Está bien.
ehs-tah bee-ehn
That’s alright. Me olvidé.
meh ohl-vee-deh
I forgot. Tengo que ir ahora.
tehn-goh keh eer ah-oh-rah
I must go now.
Bless you! ¡Felicitaciones!
Congratulations! ¡Buena suerte!
bweh-nah swehr-teh
Good luck!
Te toca a ti.
teh toh-kah ah tee
It’s your turn. (informal) ¡Callate!
Shut up! Te amo.
tay ah-moh
I love you. (informal and singular)


Other Spanish Words

Agressor (m) aggressor, assailant

Agricultura (f) agriculture

Alarma (f) alarm

Alcohol (m) alcohol

Alergia (f) allergy

Alternativa (f) alternative, choice, option

Altitud (f) altitude

Ambición (f) ambition, inspiration

Antecedente (m) antecedent, preceding

Animosidad (f) animosity, ill will

Antena (f) antenna

Antidoto (m) antidote

Antiséptico (m) antiseptic

Aparición (f) apparition, ghost, appearance

Apartamento (m) apartment

Apetito (m) hunger, appetite

Aplauso (m) applause

Aplomo (m) assurance, confidence, self-possession, serenity, aplomb

Apología (f) apology

Apreciación (f) appreciation, approval

Aprehensión (f), aprension (f) apprehension

Aprobación (f) approbation, approval, consent

Aptitude (f) aptitude, capacity

Arbitración (f) arbitration

Ardor (m) ardor, ardour

Aristocracia (f) aristocracy

Aritmética (f) arithmetic

Aroma (f) aroma, scent, perfume

Arresto (m) arrest, imprisonment

Arsenal (m) arsenal

Arte (m) art; skill

Arteria (f) artery

Artillería (f) artillery

Artista (m, f) artist

Aspiración (f) aspiration, ambition

Ataque (m) attack, fit

Atención (f) attention

Atlas (m) atlas

Atleta (m, f) athlete

Atracción (f) attraction

Autor (m) author

Avance (m) advance, progress, headway

Avenida (f) avenue

Aviación (f) aviation

Bacteria (f) bacterium

Balanza (f) balance, scale

Balota (f) ballot

Banana (f) banana

Banda (f) band; ribbon, seal, gang, group, party

Banquero (m) banker

Banquete (m) banquet

Base (f) base, basis, foundation

Basquetbol (m) basketball

Beligerante (m, f) belligerent

Benedición (f) benediction

Bloque (m) block (of stone, wood, etc.)

Brevidad (f) brevity

Brutalidad (f) brutality

Cacto (m) cactus

Cadáver (m) corpse

Cafeína (f) caffeine

Cafetera (f) coffee pot; woman café owner

Calibre (m) caliber; bore, gauge (of a gun)

Calma (f) calm, quiet

Canal (m) canal, channel

Candela (f) candle

Candidato (m) candidate

Candidatura (f) candidacy

Candor (m) candor

Canibal (m) cannibal

Canoa (f) canoe

Capacidad (f) capacity

Capital (m) capital, funds

Capital (f) capital city

Capitán (m) captain

Captura (f) capture

Caramelo (m) caramel

Caravana (f) caravan

Carnaval (m) carnaval

Catedral (f) cathedral

Categoria (f) category

Causa (f) cause

Caverna (f) cavern, cave

Cavidad (f) cavity

Celebración (f) celebration

Cementerio (m) cemetery

Cemento (m) cement

Censor (m) censor

Censura (f) censure, criticism

Cerámica (f) ceramics, pottery

Ceremonia (f) ceremony

Ciclón (m) cyclone

Cientifíco (m) scientist

Claridad (f) clarity

Clasificación (f) classification

Cláusula (f) clause

Cliente (m, f) client, customer

Clima (m) climate

Clínica (f) clinic

Coca (m) coca

Cocaína (f) cocaine

Cocodrilo (m) crocodile

Coincidencía (f) coincidence

Colaboración (f) collaboration

Colección (f) collection

Colon (m) colon

Colonia (f) colony

Columna (f) column

Combate (m) combat

Combinación (f) combination

Combustión (f) combustion

Comedia (f) comedy

Comentario (m) commentary

Cometa (m) comet

Comisión (f) commission

Comité (m) committee

Compasión (f) compassion

Competidor (m) competitor

Cómplice (m, f) accomplice

Comportamiento (m) conduct, behavior, comportment

Composición (f) composition

Comprensión (f) understanding, comprehension

Compresión (f) compression

Compromiso (f) compromise

Comunicación (f) communication

Comunidad (f) community

Comunión (f) communion

Concentración (f) concentration

Concepción (f) conception

Concepto (m) concept

Concesión (f) concession

Conclusión (f) conclusion

Condición (f) condition

Condimento (m) condiment, seasoning

Conducta (f) conduct

Confederación (f) confederation, alliance, league

Conferencia (f) lecture; conference; meeting

Confesión (f) confession

Confidencia (f) confidence

Confidente (m) confident

Confirmación confirmation

Conflicto (m) conflict

Conformidad (f) conformity

Confusión (f) confusion

Congregación (f) congregation, assembly

Congreso (m) congress, assembly

Conjugación (f) conjugation

Conjunción (f) conjunction

Conmoción (f) commotion

Conservación (f) conservation

Consideración (f) consideration

Consolación (f) consolation

Consorte (m, f) consort

Constitución (f) constitution

Construcción (f) construction

Cónsul (m) consul

Consulado (m) consulate

Contacto (m) contact

Contemplación (f) contemplation

Continente (m) continent

Contingencia (f) contingency

Continuación (f) continuation

Continuidad (f) continuity

Contracción (f) contraction

Contradicción (f) contradiction

Contraste (m) contrast

Contrato (m) contract

Contribución (f) contribution

Control (m) control

Controversia (f) controversy

Contusión (f) bruise, contusion

Convención (f) convention

Conveniencia (f) convenience

Convento (m) convent

Conversión (f) conversion

Convicción (f) conviction

Convocación (f) convocation

Convulsión (f) convulsion

Cooperación (f) cooperation

Coordinación (f) coordination

Copia (f) copy

Coral (m) coral

Cordialidad (f) cordiality, friendliness, warmth

Corporación (f) corporation

Corrección (f) correction

Correspondencía (f) correspondence

Corrupción (f) corruption

Cosmético (m) cosmetic

Costa (f) coast; cost

Coyote (m) coyote

Cráter (m) crater of a volcano

Creación (f) creation

Credito (m) credit

Credo (m) creed

Crisis (f) crisis

Cristal (m) crystal; glass, mirror; lens

Criterio (m) criterion

Cuantía (f) quantity

Cubo (m) cube

Culminación (f) culmination, climax

Cultivación (f) cultivation

Cultura (f) culture

Cupón (m) coupon

Curiosidad (f) curiosity

Custodia (f) custody

Cheque (m) check, bank check

Chocolate (m) chocolate

Danza (f) dance

Debate (m) debate, dispute

Debilidad (f) debility, weakness

Década (f) decade

Decencia (f) decency

Decisión (f) decision

Declaración (f) declaration, statement

Decoración (f) decoration

Deducción (f) deduction

Defecto (m) defect, fault

Defensa (f) defense

Deficiencia (f) deficiency

Déficit (m) deficit, shortage

Definición (f) definition

Definido definite (pp of definir)

Deformación (f) deformation

Deformidad (f) deformity

Delegación (f) delegation

Delegado (m) delegate

Delineación (f) delineation

Demanda (f) demand; petition; question

Democracia (f) democracy

Demostración (f) demonstration, proof, explanation

Denominación (f) denomination; name, title, description

Dentista (m) dentist

Departamento (m) department

Depósito (m) deposit

Depresión (f) depression

Descripción (f) description

Deserción (f) desertion

Designación (f) designation; appointment

Designio (m) design, plan, purpose

Desilusión (f) disillusion, disappointment

Desinfectante (m) disinfectant

Desinterés (m) disinterestedness, unselfishness, impartiality

Desobediencia (f) disobedience

Desparación (f) desperation

Destino (m) destiny, fate

Destrucción (f) destruction

Detective (m) detective

Detectivo (m) detective

Detención (f) detention, arrest, stop, halt, delay

Determinación (f) determination

Detonación (f) detonation

Devoción (f) devotion; piety; attachment

Diagrama (m) diagram; graph

Dialecto (m) dialect

Dialogo (m) dialogue

Diametro (m) diameter

Diarrea (f) diarrhea

Dictador (m) dictator

Dieta (f) diet; assembly

Diferencia (f) difference

Difusión (f) diffusion

Dignatario (m) dignitary

Dignidad (f) dignity

Digresión (f) digression

Diligencia (f) diligence

Dimensión (f) dimension

Dinámica (f) dynamic

Dinamita (f) dynamite

Dínamo (m) dynamo

Dinastía (f) dynasty

Diplomacia (f) diplomacy; tact

Dirección (f) direction, course; advice, guidance

Directorio (m) directory, directive

Disciplina (f) discipline, training

Discordia (f) discord

Discreción (f) discretion

Discrepancia (f) discrepancy

Discusión (f) discussion

Diseminación (f) dissemination

Disensión (f) dissension

Disenteria (f) dysentery

Disgusto (m) displeasure; unpleasantness; annoyance; quarrel; grief; disgust

Disociación (f) dissociation, separation

Disolución (f) dissolution

Dispersión (f) dispersion, dispersal

Disposición (f) disposition, arrangement

Disputa (f) dispute

Distancia (f) distance

Distinción (f) distinction

Distracción (f) distraction

Distribución (f) distribution

Diván (m) divan, sofa

Divergencia (f) divergence; difference (of opinion)

Diversidad (f) diversity

Diversión (f) amusement

Dividendo (m) dividend

División (f) division

Divorcio (m) divorce

Doctrina (f) doctrine

Documento (m) document

Dogma (m) dogma

Doméstico (m) house servant, (a) domestic

Dominación (f) domination, rule

Domicilio (m) home, dwelling, domicile

Donación (f) donation; grant

Drama (m) drama

Duplicidad (f) duplicity

Durabilidad (f) durability

Duración (f) duration

Economía (f) economy

Ecuador (m) equator

Educación (f) education

Efecto (m) effect, result

Eficiencia (f) efficiency

Elasticidad (f) elasticity

Elección (f) election; choice

Elector (m) elector, voter

Electricidad (f) electricity

Elefante (m) elephant

Elegancia (f) elegance, grace

Elemento (m) element

Elevación (f) elevation, height

Elevador (f) elevator, hoist

Eliminación (f) elimination, removal

Elucidación (f) elucidation, explanation

Emanación (f) emanation, flow

Embargo (m) embargo, restriction on commerce

Emblema (m) emblem

Emigración (f) emigration

Emigrante (m, f) emigrant

Eminencia (f) eminence; height

Emoción (f) emotion

Energía (f) energy

Enigma (m) enigma, riddle, puzzle

Entusiasmo (m) enthusiasm

Enumeración (f) enumeration, counting

Epidemia (f) epidemic

Episodio (m) episode

Época (f) epoch

Equilibrio (f) equilibrium, balance

Erosión (f) erosion

Erudición (f) erudition, learning

Erupción (f) eruption

Escorpión (m) scorpion

Esencia (f) essence

Espacio (m) space

Especialidad (f) specialty

Especie (f) species; kind; sort

Espécimen (m) specimen, sample

Espectáculo (m) spectacle

Especulación (f) speculation

Especulador (m) speculator

Esplendor (m) splendor

Esterilidad (f) sterility

Estima (f) esteem

Estimación (f) esteem, regard, valuation

Estipulación (f) stipulation

Estrategía (f) strategy

Estructura (f) structure

Estuco (m) stucco

Eternidad (f) eternity

Etiqueta (f) etiquette

Evacuación (f) evacuation

Evento (m) event

Evidencia (f) evidence

Evolución (f) evolution

Exceso (m) excess

Excitación (f) excitement

Exclamación (f) exclamation

Excremento (m) excrement

Excursión (f) excursion, tour, outing

Excusa (f) excuse

Exhibición (f) exhibition

Existencia (f) existence

Éxodo (m) exodus

Expansión (f) expansion

Expectación (f) expectation

Expedición (f) expedition

Experiencia (f) experience; experiment

Experimento (m) experiment, trial

Explicación (f) explanation

Exploración (f) exploration

Explosión (f) explosion

Explosivo (m) explosive

Exportación (f) exportation

Exprés (m) express

Expresión (f) expression

Expulsión (f) expulsion

Extensión (f) extension

Extracto (m) blackmail

Extravagancia (f) extravagance

Extremidad (f) extremity

Factor (m) factor; element

Facultad (f) faculty, ability

Fama (f) fame

Fantasía (f) fantasy, imagination

Fascinación (f) fascination

Fase (f) phase aspect

Favorito (m) favourite

Favor (m) favour, kindness, help, aid

Fenómeno (m) phenomenon

Fervor (m) fervor

Figura (f) figure, shape, form

Filtro (m) filter

Flexibilidad (f) flexibility

Forma (f) form, shape, figure, manner

Formación (f) formation

Formalidad (f) formality

Formula (f) formula

Fotografia (f) photograph, photography

Fortuna (f) fortune, fate

Fracción (f) fraction

Fractura (f) fraction, break, crack

Fragmento (m) fragment

Fraude (m) fraud

Fricción (f) friction

Funeral (m) funeral

Furia (f) fury, rage

Furor (m) fury, rage, anger, frenzy

Galeria (f) gallery, corridor

Gas (m) gas, vapor

Gema (f) gem, jewel

Generación (f) generation

Generalidad (f) generality

Generosidad (f) generosity

Germen (m) germ

Gerundio (m) gerund, present participle

Gimnasia (f) gymnastics

Gimnasio (m) gymnasium

Glaciar (m) glacier

Globo (m) globe, sphere; world

Gloria (f) glory

Glosario (m) glossary

Graduación (f) graduation

Guarda (m, f) guard

Guardián (m) guardian

Habitante (m) inhabitant, resident

Hangar (m) hangar

Harmonia (f) harmony

Hemisferio (m) hemisphere

Heroismo (m) heroism

Honor (m) honour

Horizonte horizon

Horror (m) horror; atrocity

Hospital (m) hospital

Humor (m) humor; mood

Idea (f) idea

Idealismo (m) idealism

Identidad (f) identity

Ignición (f) ignition

Ignorancia (f) ignorance

Iluminación (f) illumination

Ilusión (f) illusion

Ilustración (f) illustration

Imaginación (f) imagination

Imitación (f) imitation

Impaciencia (f) impatience

Impedimento (m) impediment

Importancia (f) importance

Imposibilidad (f) impossibility

Imposición (f) imposition

Impostor (m) impostor

Impresión (f) impression

Impulso (m) impulse

Impureza (f) impurity

Inacción (f) inaction, inactivity

Inactividad (f) inactivity

Inauguración (f) inauguration

Incentivo (m) incentive

Incidente (m) incident

Incisión (f) incision

Inclinación (f) inclination

Incompetencia (f) incompetence

Inconveniencia (f) inconvenience

Incremento (m) increment

Indecencia (f) indecency

Indicación (f) indication

Indice (m) index; catalogue

Indiferencia (f) indifference

Indignación (f) indignation

Indignidad (f) indignity

Industria (f) industry

Inexperiencia (f) inexperience

Infección (f) infection

Inferioridad (f) inferiority

Infinidad (f) infinity

Inflamación (f) inflammation

Influencia (f) influence

Influenza (f) influenza, grippe, flu

Información (f) information

Infraccion (f) infraction

Infusión (f) infusion

Ingratitud (f) ingratitude

Ingrediente (m) ingredient

Injuria (f) affront, insult; harm, damage

Inmensidad (f) immensity

Inmersión (f) immersion, dip

Inmigrante (m, f) immigrant

Inmigración (f) immigration

Inmoralidad (f) immorality

Inmunidad (f) immunity

Innovación (f) innovation

Inocencia (f) innocence

Inscripción (f) inscription, registration

Insensibilidad (f) insensibility

Insinuación (f) insinuation, intimation

Insistencia (f) insistence, persistence

Insolencia (f) insolence

Inspección (f) inspection

Inspector inspector

Inspiración (f) inspiration, inhalation

Instalación (f) installation

Instancia (f) instance

Instante (m) instant

Institución (f) institution, establishment

Instituto (m) institute

Instrucción (f) instruction, education

instrumento (m) instrument

insuficiencia (f) insufficiency, deficiency

Insulto (m) insult

Insurgente (m, f) insurgent

Insurrección (f) insurrection, uprising, revolt

Integridad (f) integrity

Intelecto (m) intellect

Inteligencia (f) intelligence

Intención (f) intention

Intensidad (f) intensity

Interés (m) interest

Interferencia (f) interference

Interin (m) interim

Interjección (f) interjection

Intermisión (f) intermission

Interpretación (f) interpretation

Intérprete (m, f) interpreter

Interrogación (f) interrogation

Interrupción (f) interruption

Intersección (f) intersection

Intervalo (m) interval

Interventión (f) intervention

Intestino (m) intestine

Intimación (f) intimation, hint

Intimidad (f) intimacy

Intriga (f) intrigue; scheme, plot

Introducción (f) introduction

Intuición (f) intuition

Inundación (f) inundation, flood

Invasión (f) invasion

Invención (f) invention

Inventario (m) inventory

Inventor (m) inventor

Inversión (f) inversion; investment

Investigación (f) investigation

Investigador (m) investigator

Invitación (f) invitation

Ironía (f) irony

Irreverencia (f) irreverence

Irrigación (f) irrigation

Irritación (f) irritation

Jarra (f) jar, vase, pitcher

Jesuita (m) Jesuit

Jirafa (f) giraffe

Jungla (f) jungle

Jurisdicción (f) jurisdiction

Jurisprudencia (f) jurisprudence, law

Justicia (f) justice, court of justice

Justificación justification

Kilogramo (m) kilogram

Labor (f) labor, work

Laboratorio (m) laboratory

Laguna (f) lagoon

Lapso (m) lapse

Laurel (m) laurel

Lava (f) lava

Legislación (f) legislation

Legislature (f) legislature

Lesión (f) wound, injury

Léxico (m) lexicon, dictionary, vocabulary, glossary

Libelo (m) libel

Libertad (f) liberty

Licencia (f) license

Limitación (f) limitation

Límite (m) limit, boundary

Liquidación (f) liquidation, settlement (of an account)

Liquido (m) liquid

Localidad (f) location

Lógica (f) logic

Longevidad (f) longevity

Lotería (f) lottery, raffle

Lunático lunatic

Lustre luster

Magia (f) magic

Magnificencia (f) magnificence

Magnitud (f) magnitude

Majestad (f) majesty; dignity

Malicia (f) malice; wickedness

Mandato (m) mandate; order, command

Manera (f) manner, way, mode

Manipulación (f) manipulation

Manifestación (f) manifestation

Manual (m) manual, handbook

Manufacturero (m) manufacturer

Manuscrito (m) manuscript

Marca (f) mark

Margen (m, f) margin, border; river bank

Masa (f) mass

Máscara (f) mask

Mason (m) mason

Matemáticas (f) mathematics

Materia (f) matter; material; subject

Maternidad (f) maternity, motherhood

Matrimonio (m) matrimony, marriage

Matriz (f) matrix, mould, form

Máxima (f) maxim, rule, proverb

Medalla (f) medal

Mediación (f) mediation

Mediador (m) mediator

Meditación (f) meditation

Melodía (f) melody

Mélon (m) melon

Memorándum (m) memorandum, note: memorandum book, note book

Memoria (f) memory

Mentalidad (f) mentality

Menú (m) menu

Mérito (m) merit

Metáfora (f) metaphor

Metalurgia (f) metallurgy

Meteoro (m) meteor

Meteorología (f) meteorology

Metro (m) subway, metro

Microbio (m) microbe

Microscopio (m) microscope

Migración (f) migration

Milicia (f) militia

Mineral (m) mineral

Miniatura (f) miniature

Minoridad (f) minority (in age)

Minuta (f) minutes; memorandum

Minuto (m) minute

Miriada (f) myriad

Miseria (f) misery

Misión (f) mission

Moción (f) motion

Moda (f) mode, custom, style, fashion

Modelo (m) model, copy, pattern

Modestia (f) modesty

Modificación (f) modification

Molde (m) mold, cast

Monarca (m) monarch

Monarquía (f) monarchy

Monólogo (m) monologue

Monopolio (m) monopoly

Monotonía (f) monotony

Montaña (f) mountain

Monumento (m) monument

Moral (f) moral, ethic

Moralidad (f) morality

Mosaico (m) mosaic

Mosquito (m) mosquito

Mostacho (m) mustache

Motivo (m) motive

Motocicleta (f) motorcycle

Motor (m) motor

Multiplicación (f) multiplication

Multiplicidad (f) multiplicity

Multitud (f) multitude

Munición (f) ammunition

Musculatura (f) muscles

Músculo (m) muscle

Museo (m) museum

Nacionalidad (f) nationality

Náusea (f) nausea

Neutralidad (f) neutrality

Noción (f) notion, idea

Noticia (f) notice, information; news

Oasis (m) oasis

Obediencia (f) obedience

Objeción (f) objection

Objectivo (m) objective

Obligación (f) obligation, duty, bond

Obscenidad (f) obscenity

Obscuridad (f) obscurity

Observación (f) observation

Obsesión (f) obsession

Obstrucción (f) obstruction

Ocupación (f) occupation

Ocasión (f) occasion, opportunity

Océano (m) ocean

Ocupante (m, f) occupant

Ocurrencia (f) occurrence, event

Ofensor (m) offender

Omisión (f) omissión, oversight, neglect

Operacion (f) operation

Opinión (f) opinion

Oportunidad (f) opportunity

Oposición (f) opposition

Opresión (f) oppression

Opresor (m) oppressor

Optimismo (m) optimism

Órbita (f) orbit

Organización (f) organization

Ornamento (m) ornament

Orquesta (f) orchestra

Oscilación (f) oscillation

Ostentación (f) ostentation

Overoles (m) overalls

Pacto (m) pact, agreement

Palacio (m) palace

Parafina (f) paraffin

Parálisis (f) paralysis

Parasol (m) parasol

Parcela (f) parcel of land

Parque (m) park

Parte (f) part, share

Partición (f) partition, division

Participante (m, f) participant

Ración (f) ration; allowance

Radiador (m) radiator

Radio (m) radius; radium; radio

Radiografía (f) radiography, x-ray photography, x-ray pictures

Ranchero (m) rancher

Rancho (m) ranch, small farm

Reacción (f) reaction

Realidad (f) reality

Realización (f) realization

Recepión (f) reception

Recital (m) recital (music)

Recluso (m) recluse, hermit

Recomendación (f) recommendation

Recompensa (f) recompense

Reconciliacion (f) reconciliation

Recreación (f) recreation

Rectángulo (m) rectangle

Rectitud (f) rectitude, uprightness

Recuperación (f) recovery

Reelección (f) re-election

Referencia (f) reference

Refinería (f) refinery

Reflector (m) reflector

Reflexión (f) reflection

Reforma (f) reform

Refracción (f) refraction

Refrigeración (f) refrigeration

Régimen (m) regimen

Regimiento (m) regiment

Región (f) region

Regulación (f) regulation

Regularidad (f) regularity

Relación (f) relation

Religión (f) religion

Remuneración (f) remuneration

Reporte (m) report, news

Representación (f) representation

Represión (f) repression, control, restraint

Reprimenda (f) reprimand, rebuke

Reproducción (f) reproduction

Reptil (m) reptile

República (f) republic

Republicano (m) republican

Repugnancia (f) repugnance, disgust

Reputación (f) reputation

Reserva (f) reserve, reservation

Reservación (f) reservation

Resignación (f) resignation

Resistencia (f) resistance

Resolución (f) resolution

Respecto (m) respect

Responsabilidad (f) responsibility

Restauración (f) restoration

Restitución (f) restitution

Resto (m) rest

Restricción (f) restriction

Resumen (m) resume

Reunión (f) reunion; meeting

Revelación (f) revelation

Revolución (f) revolution

Rifle (m) rifle

Rigor (m) rigor

Rival (m) rival, competitor

Ruina (f) ruin, destruction, downfall

Rumor (m) rumor, report

Saco (m) sack, bag

Sacrificio (m) sacrifice

Sacrilegio (m) sacrilege

Sagacidad (f) sagacity

Salario (m) salary, wages

Saliva (f) saliva

Salutación (f) salutation, greeting

Salvación (f) salvation

Sanatorio (m) sanatorium

Sanción (f) sanction

Sarcasmo (m) sarcasm

Sargento (m) sergeant

Satélite (m) satellite

Sátira (f) satire

Satisfacción (f) satisfaction

Sección (f) section

Secreción (f) secretion

Secretario (m) secretary

Secta (f) sect

Secuencia (f) sequence

Sedativo (m) sedative

Seducción (f) seduction

Segmento (m) segment

Selección (f) selection

Senado (m) senate

Senador (m) senador

Sensación (f) sensation

Separación (f) separation

Serenidad (f) serenity, calm

Sermón (m) sermon

Sesión (f) session; meeting; conference

Severidad (f) severity

Sexo (m) sex

Significación (f) meaning, significance

Silencio (m) silence, pause

Simbolismo (m) symbolism

Símbolo (m) symbol

Simpatía (f) sympathy

Simplicidad (f) simplicity; candor

Sinceridad (f) sincerity

Situación (f) situation, position

Socialisto/a (m,f) socialist

Sociedad (f) society, partnership, company, firm

Solemnidad (f) solemnity

Solicitud (f) solicitude

Solidaridad (f) solidarity

Solución (f) solution

Son (m) sound

Submarino (m) submarine

Subordinado (m) subordinate

Suburbio (m) suburb

Sucesión (f) succession, heirs

Sucesor (m) successor

Sugestión (f) suggestión, hint

Suma (f) sum; addition

Sumario (m) summary

Sumisión (f) submission

Superioridad (f) superiority

Superlativo (m) superlative

Superstición (f) superstition

Suplemento (m) supplement

Suscripción (f) subscription

Suspensión (f) suspension

Talento (m) talent, ability

Tarta (f) tart

Taxi (m) taxi

Telescopio (m) telescope

Tenacidad (f) tenacity

Tenis (m) tennis

Terminación (f) termination

Territorio (m) territory

Terror (m) terror

Testamento (m) testament; Hill

Testimonio (m) testimony

Texto (m) text; quotation; text book

Tigre (m) tiger

Timidez (f) timidity, shyness

Tipo (m) type, class; model

Tónico (m) tonic

Tono (m) tone; tune; key, pitch

Tópico (m) topic, subject

Torpedo (m) torpedo

Total (m) total

Totalidad (f) entirely, whole

Toxina (f) toxin

Tracción (f) traction

Tractor (m) tractor

Tradición (f) tradition

Tragedia (f) tragedy

Tren (m) train

Triángulo (m) triangle

Tribulación (f) tribulation, trouble

Tribunal (m) tribunal; court of justice

Tributario (m) tributary

Trimestre (m) quarter, period of 3 months

Tumor (m) tumor

Tumulto (m) tumult

Túnel (m) tunnel

Tutor (m) tutor, guardian

Uniformidad (f) uniformity

Unión (f) union

Universo (m) universe

Uso (m) use

Vacación (f) vacation

Vacancía (f) vacancy

Valle (m) valley

Valuación (f) valuation, appraisal

Vanidad (f) vanity

Vapor (m) vapour, steam, mist

Variación (f) variation

Vasto (adj) vast

Vegetación (f) vegetation

Vehículo (m) vehicle

Velocidad (f) velocity

Vena (f) vein

Ventilación (f) ventilation

Veracidad (f) truthfulness

Versión (f) versión; translation

Verso (m) verse

Vestibula (m) vestibule, lobby

Veto (m) veto

Vibración (f) vibration

Victima (f) victim

Victoria (f) victory, triumph

Vigor (m) vigor

Violación (f) violation

Violin (m) violin

Virgen (f) virgin

Visa (f) visa

Visión (f) vision, sight

Vitalidad (f) vitality

Vivacidad (f) vivacity, brightness, liveliness

Vocación (f) vocation

Voltaje (m) voltage

Volumen (m) volume

Votación (f) voting

Yarda (f) yard (unit of measure)

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