Ranch For Sale in Playa Palo Seco , Puntarenas

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Below Appraised LAND Value-Bus. included

•  ranch$7,500,000. 55 cents sqft $5.89m2

UPDATED april 23, 2016 updated to $7.5million

Total area: 415 acres divided by 2.47 ==168 hect. but, the price of $6.9 millions is
$58,974 ha. times 117 equals $6.9 million because the mongrove (51 hect is free).
$5.89 sq.m2 divided by 10.76 equals $.55 cents sq. foot.
Shrimp production continues to show excellent profits with realistic growth projections.

I recently visited this beautiful shrimp farm to check out a shrimp harvest and to see the new African palm areas. Truly amazing is that the price of $6.5 million is now based on “real production” harvests while the land is still priced at below market value.
Since the titled mangrove is included for free, the other 291 acres (117 hectares) comes to $.55 sq.ft, or $5.89 m2 ($58,974 per hectare). Thus the highly productive shrimp business and soon to come palm business is included for free, at the price of $6.9 million.

Improvements were made in September, 2014, by aerating 4 ponds, 14 hectares in total, to double their production capacity with another two ponds ready to receive aerators, which would make a total of 20 hectares. Shrimp prices also have increased markedly since 2012 and will continue to do so as demand increases and int’l production does not keep pace.
Shrimp prices have doubled in the last 24 months due to severe disease problems in Asia, which has shut down Mexican shrimp production for the most part.
This operating Costa Rican shrimp farm, located near Parrita, Puntarenas, Costa Rica, continues to be for sale due to retirement
desires of the owners.

This is a great investment because:
1. The entire 100% fee simple titled property is only 300 yards from a beautiful beach; 20 minutes to Manuel Antonio and Quepos Airport and 30 minutes from Jaco. The farm is 2 hours from the Int’l airport in San Jose.
2. For shipping ports, the Pacific coast offers Puntarenas-Caldera and hour and a half away. All infrastructure is in place, which will include a paved road from the costanera highway to the entrance scheduled for construction in September, 2014.

3. The appraised value of the total farm of 168 hectares (415 acres) is based only on the appraised value of the land without including the infrastructure value which has substantial value and whose value for dirt movement, electricity, structures, inlet and outlet gates, pumping station and motors is approximately $2 million currently.
Neither do the appraisals consider the value of the business. There is a bodega with storage for feed and tools, office, an electric substation, 3 transformers, 8 aerators in 4 ponds, 14 ha. total, to increase production, and an acclimatization tank 3 meters wide, 1.5 meters deep, and 15 meters in length. 5 km of graveled road circumnavigate the farm with other roads within to service the 23 ponds.

4. The farm has been in constant shrimp production disease free since 1999. Conversion to organic shrimp for sale to the EU and U.S can easily be accomplished if desired. Tilapia production is also possible, and wild tilapia that entered into the ponds as eggs from the estuary system have been harvested on occasion.
5. The business and properties are debt free and fully permitted by all departments of the Costa Rican government.
6. In 2013, 15 hectares (37 acres) of African palm were planted and production in 2016 will begin of palm fruit already contracted for sale to an international buyer.
7. The farm has other possible uses due to its proximity to the Pacific, a marina and dock on the river Parrita with access to the ocean and access also to the ocean directly from the farm to the ocean via the estuary system which is on the other side of the farm-this property is productive and profitable and has multiple use possibilities. There is also more space to plant African palm.
There is the possibility of harvesting algae and spirulina. Many options……
Lots of info is available to the qualified prospective buyer……

Contact Jeff toll free at 888-782-1119 or in Costa Rica, 2643-7121.

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