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Andrea Feb. 27, 2023

My husband and I have had 2 excellent experiences dealing with Jeff over a 10 year period. He works hard for his clients both as the buyer and the seller. He is always willing to go the extra mile to close a deal. If you’re looking to buy or invest in Costa Rica, Jeff is a huge benefit to any business deal. We highly recommend him.

Ernesto 18 Agosto 2021 10:23

 Jeff is one of a kind! He Made everything the easiest we could want, always trying to help, beyond the job. Honest, helpfull, great professional! 

Chris 05 Agosto 2021 5:47

 Buying property in Costa Rica can be a painful process. There is the emotion of wanting that forever home, the allure of the beauty of nature combined with the long process of doing due diligence. I want to thank Jeff for being the agent we needed. Jeff was well-informed, educated when it came to knowing the local market and knowing the area we were looking to purchase. We tried to purchase four properties which did not make it through the process. Jeff reminded us not to be discouraged and to be positive as the process of due diligence was working to ensure we didn’t buy the wrong property. Today, the house closed. The deal is done. We closed the property in under 14 days and thanks to Jeff’s advice. He is professional and friendly. You don’t just buy a home, you gain a long term friend. Jeff has raised the bar in the real estate/home buying experience. Combine that with his recommended and trusted engineers, lawyers and associates, Jeff has truly made this journey one to be remembered. On behalf of my family and I, Gracias Mi Amigo. Pura Vida.

 Matthew 19 Abril de 2021 22:15

 I worked with Jeff on the purchase of a new family dream home in Playa Jaco. We were still experiencing the economic and travel effects of COVID and it didn’t seem to be an easy process. Given all of the new and changing rules in Costa Rica I didn’t think it would be smooth – and I had bought property in Costa 10+ years ago.

Well, Jeff made it easy. He took me through all of the process and offered me a “best value” approach to each decision. He networked me in to professionals that spoke English and for reasonable cost. Jeff was great to work with and I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for him my purchase would not have happened. Great realtor and more importantly great guy. I recommend CR Beach Realty.

 Susanna 15 Septiembre 2020 10:13

 Where can I even start!? Jeff was so easy to work with and extremely helpful with his extensive knowledge of the housing in the area, the way the weather and ocean would effect maintenance cost on what we chose and in most cases he knows the neighbors of most places and can give you a feel of their personality.

He went above and beyond showing us every type of option we could think of. We ended up in one of the Hermosa Bungalows and are absolutely in love with it. After our purchase Jeff showed us around town acquainting us with the good restaurants, home improvement stores, where to get supplies that we needed personally and also for the bungalow. He introduced us to people in our new neighborhood and keeps us in the loop on happenings in Costa Rica nearly two years after our purchase.
He is a great, HONEST real estate agent. I’m confident that you will not be disappointed in his response time or his professional ethics.

Teri 03 Septiembre 2020 1:01

 I had a seamless transaction buying property in Costa Rica due to the care and expertise of Jeff. I would use CR Beach again and I highly recommend him to anyone who asks!

John 02 Septiembre 2020 1:32

 7 years ago we purchased a place and Jeff represented us. We purchased site unseen and Jeff was extremely professional and gave us great comfort. We closed within 48 hours. He worked around the clock with sellers, legal and escrow group to ensure a very smooth transition. I have recommended others to Jeff who have purchased thru him with same experience. You want safe, honest reliable relator, call Jeff.

Diego 26 Agosto 2020 23:02

 Jeff was there from start to end. He was by my side during the whole deal. Was able to close a deal that was viable for both the seller and me.He helped me get my car. Helped get around CR and the Hermosa and Jaco area.Pretty much, went from realtor to first friend in the area. Honest, trustworthy guy.
Thanks for everything Jeff.
I truly recommend working with you to anybody interested in buying or selling property in CR.
Thanks for all you help and assistance.

 Scott 20 Agosto 2020 13:40

 Jeff made buying our bungalow easy and and fun. His local knowledge and years of experience really showed. I would definitely recommend him to anybody looking to make a purchase

 Wally 19 Agosto 2020 0:14

 Just bought one of the AWESOME HERMOSA BUNGALOWS! Jeff at CR Beach made the entire process a pleasure. From viewing properties on short notice, through closing from the US, every step went perfect, and every question was answered.thoroughly Jeff and the team he works with really make it easy to purchase in CR with confidence. Thanks!

 Ron 22 Julio de 2020 2:21

 I purchased Casa Barracuda a few years ago from Jeff on the beach in Hermosa Beach just down the road from where Jeff lives. He was very professional and trusting when handling the real estate transaction. I have learned a lot of the Costa Rica culture and has past on his real life experiences while living here many years. I highly recommend him if purchasing property in Costa Rica.

 Jerry 05 Julio de 2020 11:07

 My wife Linda and I bought a little beach house in Playa Hermosa several years ago.Key to our decision was our interaction with the realtor, Jeff Fisher. Serendipity allowed that we had blundered into the little complex and we rented a few nights. We met Jeff because he LIVED THERE. A realtor can’t give a better endorsement. He was professional, fair, and helped us find the place that fit. It was a great decision and we’ve never looked back.

 linda 26 Junio ??2019 2020 22:45

 Several years ago and while living in the US, I bought a little house on Playa Hermosa. Jeff Fisher was the real estate agent and absolutely wonderful! He made the process very easy to understand. Jeff was always clear and answered any questions I had in a timely fashion. He was always well organized and always prepared. Overall it was an excellent experience and on closing we celebrated with good wine, both bottles bought by Jeff! What more could anyone want when buying a house in a foreign country? 

Gabriel 18 Noviembre de 2019 15:12

 Jeff is an honest, down-to-earth real estate agent that I’ve known for over a decade. As a property manager, I have worked with people who bought homes from Jeff Fisher at CR Beach, and they were all very happy with the services that Jeff provided. I strongly recommend him to anyone looking to buy in Costa Rica and in particular in the Jaco/Hermosa area.

 Matt 16 Octubre 2019 10:56

 Jeff is very knowledgeable of the Costa Rican real estate market. He guided us through the entire selling process and was key in making it go smoothly.

Terry 04 Octubre 2019 2:49

 THE ABSOLUTE BEST Real Estate transaction experience, because of Jeff Fisher! We just finalized the purchase of our retirement dream beach lot and it couldn’t have gone any easier, all due to Jeff! The entire purchase was completed without us needing to be present. Jeff was exceptional at handling the deal for us for not only the purchase, but dealing with setting up the corporation, working with the Attorneys and Escrow. He handled the deal as if it were his own money. Jeff is trustworthy, honest, knowledgeable and so very helpful. He anticipated every aspect of the transaction and acted 100% on our behalf, looking out for our best interest, while keeping us posted on every detail. If you are considering real estate in Costa Rica, Jeff is without a doubt, the right person to help you. I can’t emphasize strongly enough how exceptional he is! No need to turn to anyone else, honestly!

user 13 Enero de 2018 3:03

 Working with Jeff was a real pleasure. Very knowledgeable guy, he literally knows everybody. After one conversation he was able to get a good idea of what I was looking for and 3 weeks later we close on a 3 bed 2.5 bath home for $250K. I’m very happy with the deal and will be working with Jeff again in the future.

 user 02 Diciembre de 2017 14:57

 Finding an honest and trustworthy realtor is certainly a true find. Jeff Fisher is totally that and add to it his knowledge of the Real Estate market in Costa Rica and especially the Jaco Hermosa area. I am totally satisfied with my bungalow and recommend Jeff and his team 100%.,

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